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Non-potable SANS-241 certified water delivered in bulk to your doorstep in the Western Cape.

Our pricing is tiered in a manner that the more you order, the cheaper the cost per litre.

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Once you complete an order, have checked out and made payment on our website, one of our water specialists will contact you telephonically within 1 working hour to complete the order details. This will include delivery date & time, and any additional instructions that you may have, in order to arrange delivery in a manner most suited to you.

If you are not sure of the number of litres that you require, you can use our Water Volume and Cost Calculator on the order page.

If you have any queries, always feel free to contact us on 021 832 0818.

*We require a minimum order of at least 2,500 litres

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About Our Water

With the current drought in Cape Town and vast portions of the Western Cape coupled with Day Zero and the drying up of Cape Town’s taps looming large in most Capetonian’s minds, the use of water from alternative water sources is becoming a reality, and may soon be a necessity.

With the above in mind, we have partnered with various water supply partners from around the country to delivery non-potable water which is SANS-241 certified, and sourced ethically from water sources around the country and delivered to your doorstep.

The water that we deliver is SANS-241 Class II certified, which means that it can be used for human consumption (drinking) of up to 2 litres per day for 3 months. *We don’t, however, provide any water for human consumption, and only provide it for non-potable uses.



 What is non-potable water?


Non-potable water is water that is not fit for human consumption in either food or drink, but has a myriad of other vital uses whether for one’s household or business.


Uses of non-potable water


Non-potable water can be used, among others, for the following:

  • Laundry washing;

  • Swimming pool refills;

  • Toilet and urinal flushing;

  • JOJO tank and other water tank refills;

  • Watering of gardens and lawns;

  • Washing of cars and bikes;

  • Cement mixing and other industrial and building processes which might require water;

  • Livestock and animal feed;

  • Filling of decorative fountains.



We deliver water to most areas in and around the Cape Metropole, such as the City Bowl, Northern Suburbs, Atlantic Seaboard, Southern Suburbs, South Peninsula, Helderberg, West Coast, Durbanville, Bellville, Stellenbosch and Somerset West.

Once payment has been received by you, we normally delivery within 1 to 4 working days.


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